Which is Better: Elk or Bison?

Which is Better: Elk or Bison?

Beef is a delicious staple in most American diets. But with its high fat content and differences of opinion on whether more fat or less fat is better (or what type of fats) it may be worth considering switching up your beloved beef for leaner, more nutritious meat every once in a while.

Elk and bison are some of the leanest meats available. As an excellent substitute for conventional beef, elk and bison have lower calories and less fat content to provide for a delicious, healthy meal. So, which meat is better?

What’s the Difference Between Elk and Bison?

When looking for leaner, healthier meat, elk and bison are both delicious choices. Several differences make their flavors and textures unique to each animal.

Elk live in wooded areas and have a varied diet of sticks, wild grass and shrubs. Some might describe elk as having a “gamier” taste or similar to the taste of venison. Fans of elk meat love enjoying an elk steak or an elk burger as a healthy substitute. Due to its lean, slender build, elk meat has even less fat content than bison.

On the other hand, bison are pasture-raised and primarily eat wild grass. This meat has a much richer flavor than elk, and the taste is comparable to grass-fed beef. Bison has far less fat than traditional beef and provides a delicious substitute for a cheeseburger or even ground bison for a taco night.

Another big difference between elk and bison is the color and texture of the meat. Elk looks similar to carne asada with a deep, red color and consists of thin, long pieces. Bison also comes in thin, long strips of meat, but in a lighter shade of pink.

How to Cook Elk or Bison

Both elk and bison are versatile cuts of meat that are excellent in any dish. These cuts can be easy to overcook due to their delicate texture. It’s best to cook them low and slow to avoid creating tough, chewy meat.

Elk and bison enthusiasts prefer to cook their meat on the grill. Whether you’re cooking up elk burgers or a bison steak, you’ll want to keep an eye on the grill to ensure you’re not overcooking. Cook your meat at low temperatures with a long cook time and guarantee the internal temperature of the meat reaches at least 145°F for a tasty meal.

You can also buy ground bison or ground elk to provide excellent protein for tacos or casseroles. To cook this meat on the stove, heat your pan to medium-high heat. Ensure your elk or bison is crispy looking with a tender brown color. 

So, Is Elk or Bison Better?

Elk and bison are both delicious meats if you’re looking for a healthy and lean substitute to add to your diet. So, which one is better?

It really comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a simple replacement for grass-fed beef with a similar flavor, bison is an excellent choice. If you’d like to try out a gamier flavor with even less fat content, elk is quality meat sure to satisfy. Either way, you can’t go wrong with lean and delicious elk or bison meat.

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