The Ultimate BBQ Spread

The Ultimate BBQ Spread

Some of our best memories are from barbecues. With the sweet smell of smoked meat and the sizzling sound of the grill, BBQs can be an incredible time to connect with your loved ones.

Are you planning the ultimate cookout? We’ve provided a list of the best spreads to impress your guests, from selecting which meat to serve and choosing the best sides.


High-quality meat is the centerpiece for every backyard barbecue. Whether you have time to plan a big BBQ blowout or you’ve scheduled some last minute plans, there’s something on this list for everyone to enjoy.

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

Juicy hamburgers and flavorful hot dogs are a staple for any BBQ event, especially when kids are involved. Grill a Certified Angus Burger for a thick, juicy meal. The little ones will enjoy hot dogs or fun-sized beef sliders.

If you want to provide some delicious, healthier options, swap out the beef for turkey burgers or bison burgers. Bratwurst is also a fun way to liven up the backyard party.


Fire up the grill for a tender, juicy New York strip steak. Treat your crew to a T-Bone steak, one of the best cuts for grilling at a barbecue. Or enjoy a Wagyu beef steak, a popular cut for its flavor and tenderness derived from Wagyu cattle. 

These mouthwatering steaks are delicious on their own. For an extra touch, provide premium steak sauce for your guests that want an extra punch of flavor!


Grill seafood for a memorable cookout. Cook up some crispy scallops for a delectable appetizer. To prevent this delicate seafood from sticking to the grill, dry them with a dishtowel to eliminate moisture. Clean off your grill and coat the grates with oil at a high smoke point before throwing on the scallops. This method gives them an addictive caramelized, crispy flavor.

Salmon is another favorite at BBQs. This fish is perfect for high-heat cooking, but it’s important to know how to grill it. Pat dry the salmon to prevent it from sticking to the grill. Salmon cooks quickly so keep a close eye on it and have your meat thermometer handy. Snapper is another classic for delicious barbecue meat.

Make it a surf and turf feast with mouthwatering dishes from land and sea. Grill a meaty

lobster tail and pair it with your favorite premium beef. Your guests will love the variety in this entertaining theme.


Who doesn’t love chicken at a BBQ? Whether it’s smoked or grilled, this meat is perfect for any gathering. Make sure to cook thoroughly to avoid foodborne illness. Chicken can take an hour or more to cook and you’ll want to sear the sides without over-charring.

Spicy chicken wings can serve as an incredible side dish for your BBQ. Make sure to provide Ranch dressing, carrots and celery to help your guests beat the heat.

Kabobs are a fun way to incorporate different meats and vegetables. Our chicken kabobs are glazed with an addictive honey BBQ sauce that makes for an excellent entree or side dish.

Other Favorite Meats

If you have a little more time to plan your BBQ spread, why not smoke some delicious meat to leave a lasting impression? Cook these low and slow for ultimate flavor and juiciness.

Your guests will love indulging in pork ribs that fall right off the bone. Pair this with a variety of incredible BBQ sauces to enhance the flavor.

You can also slow cook beef brisket to satisfy every appetite at the party. Serve this with hamburger buns, coleslaw and BBQ sauce for a perfectly balanced meal.

What Do You Serve With BBQ

Having the perfect sides are a great way to compliment your BBQ spread. We all love traditional staples like coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad.

If you’re running short on time, a colorful salad is also a hit. Even better, fill your salad with seasonal fruits or vegetables for the freshest variety. Fruit salads are also a classic favorite.

Pasta salads can be a flavorful side to soak up your mouthwatering BBQ. From classic macaroni salads to a zesty Italian salad, there’s bound to be something everyone will love.


End your BBQ with a bang by selecting the best dessert. From cherry to apple to pecan, pies are a staple at many barbecues. Pick up any of these flavors from a local business in town or bake one yourself.

Add a serving of ice cream to the top of your pie. This sweet treat is an excellent layer for pie —  or even as its own dessert. If you’re looking for a quick solution, you can never go wrong with ice cream bars or popsicles (the kids sure love them!)

Our rich, creamy chocolate cheesecake drops are the perfect dessert for something simple. Bite-sized cheesecake comes wrapped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. What’s not to love?

Once you’ve selected your meat, sides, and dessert, your guests are in for a well-rounded meal. There are many great options for your BBQ, but you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious choices.

Are you looking for high-quality meat for your next BBQ? At Tonight We Dine, we seek out the most ethically-sourced local meats to ensure flavor and ultimate satisfaction. Our healthy, gourmet foods are perfect for any family gathering or exciting food event.

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